Do you have an old computer laying around with files on it that you want to keep? We can extract those files from your old hard drive and either burn them to a DVD or upload them to a server where you can download them to your new computer. Don’t let that old system take up any more unnecessary space. We will find all of your personal files on the drive and send them to you so you can put them on your new computer.

How does it work?
We can do it one of two ways. You can remove the old hard drive from the system yourself and send it to us or you can send us the whole computer and we can do everything for you. If you are local to the New Haven, CT or Cape Cod, MA areas we can also arrange for the system to be picked-up or dropped-off for us to service it.

How long will it take?
If the files are needed in an urgent timeframe we can offer you a faster turnaround time, but generally it takes up to five business days for us to get the files extracted and returned to you depending on our workload.

Contact us today and let us get all of your old files back!

* We can also recycle your old computer for you and destroy the drive when we are finished if you choose.