Is Your Business In Compliance with Current Data Regulations?

Compliance ConsultingWith so many different compliance statutes varying by each state, and the amount of data the average company gathers about their customers, it is a full-time job just keeping up with everything.

Did you know that your company should have an e-mail retention policy in place to store all of your electronic correspondence for a minimum of 5 years before deleting them?  Did you also know that if you gather data from customers that includes personally identifiable information, such as Social Security numbers, you need to have a Written Information Security Program in place to identify how the data is handled, and by whom?  Businesses who collect credit card information need to be PCI Compliant.  Any business dealing with information regarding the health of an individual needs to be HIPAA Compliant.  The list goes on and more regulations are coming out all of the time.

We can help you to identify potential areas where your business may need to be in compliance with state/federal regulations and develop a solution to meet, or exceed, those requirements.

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