Data Archiving ServerStore Your Data Off-Site In Case of Disaster

Are you looking for a solution to archive company data in a secure off-site location for disaster recovery?  You never know when disaster is going to strike, or how.  A crashed hard drive is not the only thing that you should be worried about either.  Fire, flood, theft, these are all ways that your data can also be lost.  Why pay thousands of dollars for data recovery when you can simply replace the bad drive and restore your data from an off-site backup.

Be prepared with one of our off-site data archiving solutions and rest assured that your information is always there when you need it.

We offer our data archiving with two options:

  1. Remotely Accessible – You upload your data to one of our data archiving servers and access it securely from anywhere you choose.
  2. Storage Only – You upload the files to one of our data archiving servers and only access it when needed via SFTP.

You may also choose to pair this service with one of our custom servers for a more complete solution of keeping your data safe.

Contact us today and let us come up with a custom solution for your data needs.