The Diagnosis

You take your computer in to your local I.T. tech for a diagnosis.  The next thing you know you are paying more to have it fixed than you would to replace it.  The tech tells you that you need something as nonsensical as a “keyboard driver” or “your hard drive needs to be replaced because you have a virus”.  All of these diagnoses are easily slipped by the customer who is not in the know and trusts what the tech is telling them to be true.  Meanwhile, they are basically taking advantage of you.

The Hard Truth

While there are certain situations where a sophisticated keyboard would need to have software installed to enable it’s additional functions, the drivers that enable your keyboard and mouse functionality are usually built in to the operating system and need no additional installation.

As far as replacing the hard drive goes, if you get a virus and then format your drive to reinstall your operating system there is no need to replace the drive.  That is the equivalent of saying that you need a new house because you found a mouse in the basement.  Clean the basement, get rid of the mouse and make sure you don’t let any more mice get in.  It’s as simple as that.

The Set Up

There have been many times where I have shown up to a customer’s place of business, or their home, and made simple fixes that were overlooked (or possible left on purpose for “job security”) by the previous tech that should have been a very straight forward fix.  This is a shady way to do business, in my opinion.  Do something right the first time and you won’t have to keep charging your customers to fix YOUR mistakes.

The Solution

If you think that you are being taken advantage of by your current I.T. provider please schedule a consult and we will be more than happy to give you an honest opinion of what you have going on.

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