Switching E-Mail Providers is a Tedious Task

You have thought about switching to a new e-mail account but you have a lot of time invested in your current account.  Whether you are upgrading to a new mail server or finally moving from your personal account to a more professional business account, the number of messages you have accumulated over the years is staggering.  You are looking at the history of your entire business up until this point.  Retaining those messages is important.

What Will Happen to All of My Old E-Mails?

In short, they will be just fine.  They will all be moved to your new account with our in-house e-mail migration software.  Our e-mail migration program moves each and every message from your old account to your new one so you can go about your business as usual.  Without losing your messages.

When Do You Migrate The Messages?

Typically, we like to do all of our migrations after hours.  Single accounts can be migrated over night, while entire servers are easier to migrate over the weekend.  Usually your messages will start to appear on your new account within 15-30 minutes of the initial cut over.  Once you stop receiving messages on your old server we can begin the migration to the new one.

When Can You Migrate My Messages?

If you are interested in utilizing our e-mail migration services, please schedule a consult so we can discuss the next steps.