Which Is Better for My Printer, Generic or Genuine Supplies?

When it comes to the debate of generic vs branded ink and toner there are two common myths:

Toner CartridgeVoiding of Warranty

The most common myth regarding generic toner cartridges is that their use will result in the warranty on the printer getting void. There is no truth to this myth whatsoever. The laws forbid any company from absolving itself from the warranty provided, if the recommended consumables are not used unless those consumables damage the printer.

Damage to Printer

This brings us to the next myth that generic toner cartridges will damage printers. This myth is a result of the time when third party compatible cartridges weren’t of high quality. This myth is also a result of refilled cartridges malfunctioning because that does happen fairly often.

However, you shouldn’t let these myths deter you from considering generic toner vs. genuine toners and choosing the former.

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Generic vs Branded Ink and Toner