Hardware and Software Upgrades

Not every computer needs to be replaced.  Sometimes a simple hardware upgrade or an upgrade to the operating system, can bring new life to an aging computer.  Depending on how you use your computer will help us determine the proper course of action we should take to make your hardware and software work to its fullest potential.

Software programs each have their own minimum requirements in order for them to run efficiently.  If you are running multiple programs on a regular basis and your system does not meet those requirements you will experience lags in response time and the time it takes for the system to boot up.

Not All Users Are Created Equal

In order for us to assess your minimum requirements, we will take a look at the programs you use on a daily basis and calculate the amount of storage space you will need (HDD, SSD or NAS), the amount of memory you will need (RAM), the proper operating system, and the correct CPU type.

Once we determine what you needs are we can move forward and assess whether or not your current system can be upgraded to perform as required.

If you would like to get a free assessment of your current system, or you have parts that you would like installed in your current system, please schedule a consult today.