What is ‘The Cloud’?

The saying “There’s no such thing as ‘The Cloud’, it’s just someone else’s computer.” is accurate.  If you have large amounts of sensitive data, it may make sense to host the backup target yourself?

Take Control of Your Data

If your company has two or more locations, and you are backing up to a 3rd-party cloud provider, it is time that you reevaluated your backup plan.  With your data storage needs constantly growing, this year’s backup plan may not be sufficient for next year.  You need room to grow and that means upgrading to the more expensive plan, or possibly having to switch to a new provider.  Why not make that provider yourself and potentially save thousands of dollars per year?

Multiple Locations Allow You to Be Your Own Cloud

Satellite BuildingIf you have two or more offices that are geographically separated by a reasonable distance, you can be your own cloud provider and cut out the middle man.  Know where you data is, and who has access to it, with a VPN through our Gateway Security Appliance and store your data on one of our Cloud Backup Servers.

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Having Multiple Offices Can Be Beneficial to Your Backup Plan
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