If you are hosting your site with us, and you wish to manage your own domain settings, you will need to change a few things in order to point your domain to our servers.

GoDaddy / CCOC Hosting Settings

  1. Log in to your control panel and click on your domain.
  2. Once you are in your domain management page, click on the DNS Zone File tab.
  3. You should see an A record listed first with @ as the host and an IP address.  Delete that record.
  4. Next, look for the www CNAME record and change the @ to one of our domains listed below.
  5. After you change the www record, delete all other CNAME records that point to @.
  6. Save your settings.

Hosting Domains for CNAME Records:

  • eCommerce Sites – echost11.ccochosting.net
  • WordPress Sites  – wphost12.ccochosting.net
  • CRM Sites – Consult Your Agent for Setting
  • Cloud File Servers – Consult Your Agent for Setting