Is Your Network Working to It’s Fullest Potential?

If you have concerns about your network not working as fast as it should be, then you could benefit from a Network Security and Traffic Assessment.  There are many different factors that could cause your network to slow down such as:

  • Cabling Issues
  • A Bad Switch or Router
  • A Bad or Wrong Network Interface Card
  • Unauthorized Users
  • Unauthorized Applications
  • Unauthorized Devices

Your network is only as fast as it’s weakest link.  During our Network Security and Traffic Assessment we will analyze what is going through your network to help pinpoint any bottlenecks or unauthorized use which may be causing you to see a decline in performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How Does It Work?

One of our proprietary network analysis devices will be placed on your network to analyze traffic flowing in and out of your devices.  We can monitor traffic for a couple days or a couple weeks, depending on your situation.  We then take that data and load it into our analysis software to look for any issues you may be having which will help us determine what may be causing your network to run slow.

What Kind of Data Do You Collect?

Our device collects metadata of the traffic flowing through your network.  We cannot see, nor do we collect, any of the data that is being passed from one system to another.  We only look at how data moves across the network to help determine if there are any issues along the way.

What Do You Do with the Data After Analysis?

Once our analysis is complete, we will give you the chip that was used to collect the data so that you can do with it what you wish.  Keeping it in a safe place is recommended so what we can possibly use it again in the future to compare data usage from one point to another.