What is Network Traffic Analysis?

Network traffic analysis is the process of recording, reviewing and analyzing network traffic for the purpose of performance, security and/or general network operations and management.  It is the process of using manual and automated techniques to review granular-level detail and statistics within network your traffic.

Network traffic analysis is primarily done to get in-depth insight into what type of traffic/network packets or data is flowing through a network. Typically, network traffic analysis is done through a network monitoring or network bandwidth monitoring software/application. The traffic statistics from network traffic analysis helps in:

  • Understanding and evaluating the network utilization
  • Download/upload speeds
  • Type, size, origin and destination and content/data of packets
  • Number of known/unknown devices connected to your network

A network traffic analysis can also be used to identify any malicious or suspicious packets within the traffic.

Does Your Firewall Solution Block All Unwanted Network Traffic?

You’d be surprised how much traffic might be getting through your current firewall.  Most firewalls are setup to block or allow common traffic patterns on common ports at the time of installation, and then not updated again until after something happens.  What’s more, is that unless you have a maintenance contract that specifically includes regular updates, the software on your router is probably out of date which is putting you at risk to any security exploits in that outdated version.  Since hacker attacks are always evolving, it is important to monitor the network traffic passing through your firewall and take action on events as they are happening.

The Best Way to Find Out What Is Getting Through Is By Doing a Network Traffic Analysis

Network Traffic Analysis

Our Network Traffic Analysis will examine the traffic flowing through your network for a number of days in order to determine what is getting through your firewall, and possibly compromising your network.  Once the analysis is complete, we will report back with our findings and come up with an action plan to help make your network more secure.

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