Where Is Your Backed Up Data Actually Located?

Cape Cod Office Consultants is now offering the choice of where you want your off-site data backed up to.  When planning for disaster recovery, it is wise to locate your mission-critical data in a location that is geographically separate from your business location.  Below is a list of servers that we are currently offering as backup targets.

Geographic Backup Locations Available

Location Name Available Storage Status
CCOC US East #1 (Virginia) 1024 TB
CCOC US East #2 (Ohio) 512 TB
CCOC US West #1 (California) 256 TB
CCOC US West #2 (Oregon) 256 TB
CCOC Canada #1 (Central) 256 TB

BYOB – Bring Your Own Backup (Software)

Unlike other backup sites, we offer you the target and storage space for your data on our server network.  The rest is up to you.  You can choose which software on which devices you want to backup and how.  Backup a PC, tablet, phone, etc.  Mix and match applications however you like.  When the program you install asks you where to backup the data, simply enter your CCOC Backup account data and begin backing up.  Click here for a list of backup software to choose from.

To see how we can help you backup your data before disaster strikes please schedule a consult today.

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New Data Center Locations Available for Backup Clients
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