On-Site Integration Support

Rest Assured with Our On-Site Integration Support

We are here to help when you have issues with your new hardware and data lines.  Vendors like AT&T and Comcast are not responsible for connecting your existing equipment to theirs, unless specifically contracted to do so.  The onus is on you to have someone on the premises at the time of installation to integrate your existing hardware.  That’s where our on-site integration support comes in.  We work directly with your equipment vendors so you don’t have to.

Typical On-Site Integration Support Scenarios Include:

  • Phone/Data Line Additions and Upgrades Your provider is only obligated to bring the line in to your premises and verify that it is working properly.  In most cases, the technicians cannot physically connect their lines to your existing systems as part of the company policy.
  • Online Hardware PurchasesYou bought a new device online and now you need someone to help set it up.
  • Replacement EquipmentYour equipment vendor sent out a replacement for a malfunctioning piece of hardware and now you need to transfer settings from the old one to the new one.
  • Site SurveysWe will be on-site during the initial site survey to answer any technical questions that may arise during the walk-through.

In most cases, we prefer to come to your building and prep the systems prior to the installation day.  This lets us work out any issues that may arise with the integration prior to the “go live” date.

There are many other scenarios where your business could benefit from our on-site integration support.  Schedule a consult today and let us know what you are planning so we can develop a support solution.