Architects and Builders

We work with architects and builders during the design phase of your project to ensure that there is wiring in place for sufficient coverage of your wired or wireless network.  Many homes and offices that are over 1,000 sq. ft. in size will have spots where there is no signal, or very weak signals.

There are many factors to consider when designing your wireless network.  The size of the coverage area, the shape of the coverage area, the building materials used, the number of floors to be covered, etc.  If you are assuming that the modem left by your internet provider in the back corner office, or network closet, is going to be sufficient you will be disappointed.  Taking the time to run wiring in your walls while they are still open will save you a lot of headache and costs in the future.

Reasons to Run Wiring Now!

  • No need to open walls or patch holes made by snaking wires.
  • It’s cheaper to have the wires ran while the walls are open and everything is accessible.
  • You can run wiring to an outside demarc location so the tech who comes and installs your internet or television service won’t have to run cabling along the outside of your structure.  (We suggest running at least a CAT6 and a Coax line to an exterior location to ensure that the installation techs won’t have to drill holes in your new home or office.)

If you are working on a project and are interested in running wiring for a network please schedule a consult and one of our techs will come out to visit the site and go over the plans with you.