Startup Consulting

Are You Starting a New Business?

The best time to decide how you want to integrate I.T. solutions in to your business is during the planning phase.  Our startup consulting will help you choose the correct solutions from the beginning, which will ensure that your business will run efficiently and grow as your needs change over time.

You may be led to believe that you need to buy all of your I.T. hardware up front, when you can actually start with low-cost hosted solutions to help determine what your needs are before you invest in servers and networking.  This can significantly reduce your startup costs so you can budget that money elsewhere.

Some things to consider implementing at the time of startup are:

  • C.R.M. SystemManage your clients and track all interactions from the start.
  • Private E-Mail ServerDon’t use a free email service to handle your business communications.
  • Backup SolutionKeep your important data safe from the start.
  • Cloud SolutionsUsing a cloud solution can reduce startup costs by only paying for what you need, when you need it.  Save money on your initial I.T. investment by hosting your servers until you need to bring them in-house.
  • Disaster Recovery PlanThe last thing you want to think about when you are getting started is losing it all, but unexpected things will eventually happen and when they do you want to be prepared.
  • Website (URL)Every business has a website.  If you don’t plan on using it right away you will want to at least register the domain you intend to use and any variations of it before someone else registers it before you.
  • Social PresenceEven if you aren’t planning on using them right away you should create a page on all of the popular social networks to keep someone else from using them before you do.

Contact us today and take advantage of our experience in startup consulting for small businesses like yours.  Let us worry about the technical aspects of your business while you take care of what you are passionate about.