Why do I need a computer network ?

By installing a computer network you will be providing your business with lots of important tools for its success in both the short and long term.

Benefits of a computer network include:

– Share Internet Access between office PCs and Laptops
– Share office printers between all staff and laptop users
– Share information by storing data centrally on a server
– Important information can be stored via an automatic server backup
– Remotely Access your applications and data from home or other remote locations
– Link offices together but store all information centrally
– Speed up the performance of important software such as Accounting, CRM and Industry specific products
– Give some users limited access to important information or programs when required
– Use instant messaging/e-mail to communicate between staff which saves time and improves staff productivity.

What does a computer network consist of ?

A Network consists of several important components

Server – the central computer where all key data is stored and where backups are made.
PCs – client computers which you use to connect to the network.
Network Cabling – used to connect the computers together at very high speeds
Patch Panel – where all cabling is terminated
Cabinet – a large metal chassis where the router, patch panel and network switch sits
Network Switch – generally used to connect all PCs to the server and the router
Internet Router – connects multiple computers to the internet
Network Printer – is able to give multiple users access to the same printer within an office

For further information or to discuss your requirements with someone who understands how a computer network will benefit your company, please contact us today!

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What is a Computer Network and Why Do I Need One?
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