What Can Cape Cod Office Consultants Do for Me?

After spending 16 years as the I.T. Manager for a multi-million dollar company, located in Hamden, CT and Randolph, MA, I decided to take the skills I had learned running a large company and apply them to the small and medium-sized businesses here on Cape Cod.

As a consultant who is focused on building long-term relationships with my clients, I like to spend some time getting to know each customer so that I can better understand their business and industry.  The more I know about how you work, the better I can recommend solutions and services tailored specifically to your needs.  If we know what makes you tick we can always be one step ahead of the latest business and I.T. trends.

Helping Small Businesses Compete with the Big Guys

Many small businesses think that they can’t operate the way that larger companies do, because of the costs associated with it, but there are many ways that they can.  Through the use of virtual servers and open-source software, even a startup can operate like a large company and have all the same benefits without the initial expense.

Teaming Up with Other IT Companies

We are always willing to lend a helping hand to other IT companies who are overwhelmed with work, but don’t want to turn away their customers.  We feel that even if you can’t do the work it is good customer service to refer a customer to someone who can instead of letting them figure it out for themselves.

If you are a business owner and would like to talk to us about how we can assist you please schedule a consult so we can meet and discuss how we can help each other grow.