I Already Have a Firewall, It Comes with My Modem

It’s true.  Most modems you will have these days come with some form of firewall functionality built-in.  However, this functionality is limited to a small subset of common attack vectors and the settings are ‘all or nothing.’  You either allow the ports to be open to the world or you don’t.  There is no way of fine tuning the rules to only allow the ports to be open under specific circumstances.  That allows unwanted traffic to pass through and reach your network.

What Traffic is Actually Getting Through?

After installing one of our Gateway Security Appliances, we turn on the reporting features of the installed applications and wait.  After a few hours (sometimes minutes) you will start to see logs of the traffic that is flowing in and out of your network.  Some good, some bad.  The chart below shows the Map Distribution of connections and where they are originating from across the world.

These are actually connections that are being allowed through one of the firewall rules put in place to ONLY allow outbound connections to foreign servers.  The next picture is a report of intrusion attempts that have been made since 12:00 AM.

As you can see, it’s only 7:40 AM and there have already been 2,002 Intrusion Prevention events.

Time to Upgrade to a Better Solution

By combining our Gateway Security Appliance with your own modem, or the one provided to you by your ISP, you can gain better control of what traffic is allowed in and out of your network.  The configuration possibilities are endless.  You can allow or deny access down to an application on a specific device, if you wanted to.

Schedule a consult today for a demo of how we can make your network more secure than it was yesterday.

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You Think Your Modem’s Firewall Is Blocking Everything? Think Again!
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