DMCA Notice

You Received a DMCA Notice

If you own a business and have received a DMCA Notice threatening to terminate your account you are not alone.  Companies have been cracking down and monitoring their intellectual property on the Internet and receiving a notice from your ISP is becoming more commonplace.  Watchdog companies are monitoring the internet 24/7 for illegal downloads all over the web.  Once your IP address is tagged by one of these companies you become a target of further investigation.

You Are Putting Yourself at Risk

Employees, or customers, who are using your network to access copyrighted materials through peer-to-peer (P2P) or BitTorrent are putting your company at risk of being sued for copyright infringement.  Sometimes it’s not even an employee or customer, but instead it’s a rogue device connected to your network from a neighboring building that you have no idea about.

You Can Prevent Users from Accessing This Data

Our Firewall Appliances have the capability of monitoring all devices and blocking traffic at a granular level to prevent any unwanted data from entering or exiting your network.  If your business is having issues with a DMCA Notice schedule a consult today so we can help you prevent users from accessing these sites in the future.

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