Clean Your Computer Physically and Virtually

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It’s one thing to clean your computer by removing junk files and unnecessary programs, but it is also important to physically clean your computer from dust and debris.  Your computer relies on proper air flow within the case to cool components and keep them running at peak performance.  A buildup of dust and debris can prevent the air from flowing to the places it needs to and affect the performance of your system.  Over time, the inside of your computer can get very dirty and even cause it to turn off unexpectedly or overheat.  Occasionally opening your case and dusting it out can help prevent future issues by being proactive.

What You Should Clean

The dirtiest components inside your computers case will most likely be the fans, followed by the heat sinks.  The blades of the fans usually pick up dust and debris from spinning and the heat sinks will usually be dirty because the fans pass along the debris that doesn’t get stuck on the blades.  The rest of the system will be covered in residual dust, pet hair, etc.

Air CompressorHow Do I Clean It Out?

The best way to occasionally clean your computer is with a can of compressed air.  The problem with that method is that there usually isn’t enough air in one can to clean the entire system out and the pressure slowly decreases as the air supply runs out.  You need a constant pressure that can get in all of the crevices of your case where the dust lies without having to worry about depleting your supply.  For this, a small air compressor with an air accessory kit does the best job.  You may already have one in your garage to use for other tasks around the house.  Just make sure that you don’t use too much pressure or get to close to the circuit boards or you can pop off a component and do more harm than good.  (I am not liable for any broken computer systems due to this advice)

If you live on, or near, the Cape Cod area and you do not want to take on the task yourself you can schedule a consult to have us come out and do it for you.

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Why You Should Physically Clean Your Computer