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Cape Cod Office Consultants Launches ‘eWaste Coalition’

In an effort to curb the growing problem of e-waste, we have decided to launch the eWaste Coalition and try a different approach on the collection of the many items thrown in the trash each year.

The way we  see it, there are a few reasons why this is such an issue:

  1. New devices are coming out at a very high rate.  Having the newest tech gadget is the “in” thing to do, so you end up replacing that phone or tablet you bought last year while it is still a perfectly good device.  Staying a generation or two behind on the latest tech has its benefits.
  2. Users don’t know what to do with their old items once they are replaced.  Most people don’t know where to take them so they either end up getting handed down, end up in a closet somewhere or simply get thrown in the trash.
  3. Those who DO know what to do with the items either don’t have the time to spend loading everything in their vehicles and bringing them to the local drop-off OR they just don’t want to pay the fees to get rid of each item.
  4. There is sensitive data on the drives that you don’t know what to do with.  Here at CCOC, we offer Old Hard Drive Data Extraction and then we destroy your old drives so none of the data can ever be recovered.

What we aim to do with the eWaste Coalition is make properly recycling your electronic devices as easy as going to the grocery store.  We will be establishing local drop-off points where you can take these items and have them disposed of for free.   No more per-item charges or trips to a transfer station that has limited hours.  Simply go about your day as usual and drop the items at your nearest collection point.  If you have a large amount of items to be recycled, we can even arrange to have them picked up during one of our collection routes.

Please take a moment to visit The eWaste Coalition website to learn more about what we are doing and to participate in one of our drives.

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Cape Cod Office Consultants Launches ‘eWaste Coalition’
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