Which type of network should I go with, wired or wireless?

Wi-Fi Types

The answer to this question varies with each customer, but the general rule of thumb is – if you can get a wire to the system, do it.  Here are the Pros and Cons of each:

Wired Network


  • Reliable Speeds – Speeds are not compromised if you have a weak signal.
  • Consistent Connection – Your connection doesn’t drop out due to occasional weak signals.


  • Location May Not Be Accessible – You need to be able to run a cable to the location where you want to plug the system in.
  • You Are Committed to That Location – Once the system has been installed, and the wire has been terminated, you may be able to move the system a little, but chances are a move across the room would require the wiring to be ran again.


Wireless Network


  • You Can Connect Almost Anywhere – The system only needs to be placed within range of your wireless signal to connect.
  • No Extra Wiring Costs – If you need a wire ran to the new system’s location you will also have to pay to have that done.


  • Easily Hacked if Not Secure – Anyone within range of your routers signal could potentially gain access to your network.

That being said, most businesses, and home users, go with a mix of both due to the large number of handheld devices that can only connect to a network through Wi-Fi.  Our Firewall Solutions enable you to isolate the wireless and wired connections in your home or business through the use of multiple interfaces to ensure only known devices can connect to your network.

Schedule a consult today to see how we can help secure your network from unwanted intruders.

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FAQ – Should I Go with a Wired or Wireless Network?
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