Cutting the Cord

What is “Cutting the Cord”?

Up until recently, having a cable subscription was the only way to watch quality television shows, but you have to watch them on their schedule.  Every week you have to wait for the next episode to air and either watch it live, or from your DVR.

Today, with all of the available streaming services, you do not need to have a costly cable subscription and can watch your favorite shows on YOUR schedule.  The term “cutting the cord” refers to the practice of canceling or forgoing a cable television subscription or landline telephone connection in favor of an alternative Internet-based or wireless service.

… but Cable TV Has Great Shows

While cable TV still has some great shows, you no longer need to pay through the nose to get them.  You can still watch your favorite shows even after you cut the cord.  Networks like Showtime, HBO, and Starz have realized that they either need to get with the times, or go the way of the dinosaur with their cable television counterpart, so they have begun to directly offer subscription services to cord cutters.

What Do I Need to Get Started?

The first thing you will need is a device that will allow you to stream all of the different available services.  If you’ve recently purchased a new television, chances are you already have these capabilities built-in.  If not, devices like an AppleTV, Roku or an Amazon Fire Stick will do the job.

Once you have your device picked out you will need to determine which subscription service is right for you.  Some services offer live television along with their core offerings and some services stream shows that others don’t, so you have to be careful in choosing which subscription is best for you.  We suggest figuring out which channels you frequently watch and pick the subscription service that best matches your watching habits.  You may need to subscribe to multiple services, but they will still be cheaper than your current cable television package.

Brands We Recommend

Sling Television Netflix Hulu Roku

Schedule a Consultation

If you are ready to see how cutting the cord can help in your home or business, please schedule a consult so we can come out and help you decide which services are best for you.

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