Backup SolutionsWhen was the last time your system was backed up?

Where are those backups kept? What did you backup? What do you stand to lose if you have a flood, a theft, or a fire in your office tomorrow? These are questions that you should be asking yourself now before it’s too late. The importance of a good backup regiment is critical in today’s business. Not only should you be backing up your data on a regular basis, but you should be backing it up to an offsite location, like a secure cloud server or a satellite office.

Your data can be lost even if your system doesn’t crash!

While probably the most common, a computer crash is just one of the possible reasons for data loss. There are other scenarios which can cause you to lose all of your data that may not be so commonly thought of. For instance, the roof of your building can spring a leak, or a pipe bursts, or even worse a fire breaks out in the office, causing not only fire damage but also water damage to critical systems in your building. An attempt to restore that drives contents could cost thousands of dollars and does not guarantee any results.

Another possibility for data loss is from theft or disgruntled employees. Someone can simply walk out the door with your data and it is never seen again, or after years of litigation you are awarded the files back, but by then it’s too late.  Your business has already suffered the repercussions of a long-term data loss.

We don’t like to think of these things, but these are a few of the many ways your business can lose its data forever.

That is unless you have a good backup plan. A member of our staff at Cape Cod Office Consultants will sit down with you and discuss your businesses data structure to tailor a plan that’s just right for you. From local backup servers to secure cloud backups, we can help you retain your data even after the worst scenario happens.

You can’t put a price on peace of mind.

Schedule a consult today to discuss your backup needs so you can sleep better knowing that your business data is being protected 24/7/365.

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