Business owners are used to wearing many hats. The flawless transition from creative force to numbers cruncher to marketing extraordinaire is probably one you know all too well. However, you’ll eventually come across a hat that just doesn’t fit. Maybe it will be a bug in your website’s code, an accounting issue you can’t make heads or tails of, or a simple but tedious task you just don’t have time for. Whatever the case, a freelancer might be the solution. Here’s a look at how to tell when you need a freelance employee, and a few of the tasks they can help with.

Do You Need a Freelancer?

Before you dive into hiring a freelancer, ask yourself if that’s truly what you need. Contract employees can be extremely useful, but they can’t offer you the stability that a full-time worker will. If the job calls for a long-term relationship and a detailed understanding of your company, freelance might not be the answer.

Moreover, a freelancer isn’t worth it if hiring them will put you in a tricky financial spot. Make sure you evaluate your finances to be sure you can really afford a contract employee before you start searching. Know exactly what your budget is, and know that your dream contractor may not be willing to take your rate. If you need extra help affording the pros you need, you can look into funding assistance. There are several grant programs available for businesses affected by COVID-19; you may qualify for a much-needed boost.


One type of freelancer you might consider hiring is a marketing expert. Many business owners are perfectly capable of writing social media posts and interacting with customers. However, nailing your online presence requires an extra layer of expertise.

If you hire an online marketing pro, they can craft a media plan for you. This could be anything from a simple framework for how often to post online to an in-depth schedule detailing what kinds of posts to make at what time of day. You can continue to manage the day-to-day work of your marketing, but check in with them periodically to gauge progress and success.


In today’s market, there’s no substitute for a great, engaging website. Many business owners start off using web builders to create and host their sites, but there’s only so much you can do without diving into the code. Eventually, you may need to get a programmer to ensure your website does exactly what you need it to.

Freelance programmers are a great tool for a small business that has occasional technology needs. Unless you’re primarily an online service, you probably don’t need to hire a full-time developer. Turning to contractors allows you to get the work done when you need it, and save money in the meantime. You can also hire contractors to address cybersecurity concerns. Protection from bad actors is an absolute must for businesses. Without it, you’re left vulnerable to hacks, leaks, and other costly attacks. A trusted, reputable cybersecurity expert can evaluate your defenses and make sure you’re not at risk.

Everyday Help

One of the most valuable tools a business owner can have is a personal assistant. Hiring someone in a contract capacity is a wise move for this role. It allows you to build a relationship with a worker without the pressure of a traditional job offer. If it doesn’t work for either party, you can part ways without a fuss. However, if they’re a great assistant who understands your workflow and makes your life easier, it could develop into a permanent position.

Freelance allows you to find flexible workers in nearly any area of expertise. Businesses can knock out fiddly tasks, consult experts, and develop relationships that could become permanent. Don’t overlook the impact hiring a contractor could have on your company’s success.

Gloria Martinez
Want to Boost Your Business? Hire a Freelancer
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