Ditching your cable TV for the modern streaming TV services may sound like a lot of work and a lot of money at first. However, when you consider the options that come with cord-cutting and how much you will eventually end up saving while still getting all your shows, chances are that you will make the switch immediately. Needless to say, with good knowledge of what to do, you can easily make the replacement in minutes and at a fraction of the cost. Here are a few tips which can come in handy when you finally decide to make the switch.

Should I Cut the Cord?

Before we dive into how to easily cut the cord, let us first step back and discuss why we should consider making the move. To begin with, most live TV stream services normally start at $55 to $60 per month. Thus, if your current TV provider is giving you a cheaper deal, it really will not make sense to cord cut since you will not end up saving much. However, if you are paying a lot more than what TV streaming services are offering, then making the switch should be included in your to-do list.

Do you Already Have a Great Home Internet Service?

If you are already paying for the internet and use it in your home frequently, then cord-cutting will make financial sense, especially since live TV streams require the internet to run. Basically, unless you are fully convinced of making the switch, adding home internet service just to cut cable might not make any financial sense.

Are you Ready to Become Flexible?

Despite being better than the traditional cable TV, cord-cutting is not a magic solution that you might imagine it to be. You basically must be familiar with new technology and applications for you to fully take advantage of it. In addition, you must be ready to sacrifice some of the channels you are used to and are only found on cable TV. Having these three vital facts in mind, here are a few tips on how to become a cord cutter.

Know Which Streaming Services to Pick

There are hundreds of thousands of streaming services available and the numbers keep on increasing each day. To end up picking the right one, you should first take advantage of the free trial offer which most of them usually have. Then, you will know which one fits your entertainment needs and budget. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video are just some of the most popular on-demand streaming services which you can consider.

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Know How to Pick the Right Streaming Device

There are lots of streaming devices in the market which you can use. However, not all of them will easily meet your specific needs. From Fire TV to android TV players and Apple TV, you basically must be familiar with what you want before making a purchase. For example, if you are an Apple owner and have tons of TV shows and movies on iTunes, then you should consider going for Apple TV. Android TV and Fire TV player on the other hand usually allow side loading of different applications.

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Buy an Over the Air Antenna

Many major network affiliates still broadcast over the airwaves in high definition. Thus, you basically will need an HD antenna to get a clear signal when making the switch. Unlike the traditional cable TV, however, with a streaming TV option, you do not need to mount the antenna on the rooftop or take up a lot of space as a satellite dish. Rather, you only need to set up the sizable gadget next to your TV or flat unit.

Bottom Line

Becoming a successful cord cutter is not as difficult as it sounds. With the simple tips mentioned above, you can easily carry out the entire process and easily make the switch and once you do, make sure you call your cable TV provider and cancel your cable TV subscription! Also, remember major streaming services are geoblocked, so you’ll have to subscribe to multiple channels to have access to all of your favorite shows. You can, however, bypass the regional restrictions by cord-cutting using a VPN.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Cord Cutting
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